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I Want Candy!

November 7, 2008

Halloween 2008! I had forgotten how much of a challenge 12 months-24 months can be. . . well, I didn’t forget. I just needed a refresher course. Tess was supposed to wear Arden’s pirate costume I got for her this year. When it came in, it was WAY too small. The skirt practically rode up under her arms! That’s okay, I thought. Tess can wear it, and we’ll let Arden pick out another costume. Tess DID NOT want to wear the pirate costume. What to do? I pulled out the handy ol’ UT cheerleader outfit. Not really a “costume,” but it works for a 15 month old!

This was the best I could do! Typical. Photographer’s kids don’t cooperate in photo session!

Sarah, smile

November 6, 2008

Remember that song? “Oh, won’t you smile a while for me, Sarah?” Yeah, I’m giving away my age. I always think of that song whenever I’m around a Sarah. This little young lady was dressed and ready to go for her family photo shoot at their new house. I felt very comfortable photographing her because she’s the same age as my older daughter (in fact, they are only 2 days apart!), so I feel like a pro with 4 year olds. Sarah dictated what she would say before I clicked. It wasn’t “cheese” or anything boring like that. Sometimes it was her own invented word or a silly combo like “frog feet.” Actually, I don’t know if that was one of the word combos, but it sounds good. Dad even came up with one. What was it? Macaroni and cheese? Help me out here, Steve! Better yet, help me out, Sarah! I guarantee you she remembers.

Anyway, Sarah’s dresses were adorable and fit her to a T. She’s an incredibly bright, sophisticated four-year-old. She even helped me pose Mom and Dad for their pics! A real pro.
Sarah, smile!

One of my favorites:
Sarah was sometimes pensive. I love it when I catch kids deep in thought.
So pretty!
The family on the porch of their new gorgeous home:

I’m photographing my brother’s wedding in Dallas next weekend. On Oct. 7, I took his fiance Heather’s bridal portraits at the Dallas Arboretum. What a beautiful backdrop for her portraits! There literally wasn’t a bad spot as far as scenery was concerned. My 4 year old daughter Arden is the flower girl in the wedding, so she came along and posed in her “princess” dress at the beginning of the session. She and Heather were real troopers during this 3 hour photo session. . . it was super windy, too, but it was like a natural fan blowing Heather’s hair:

Here’s one of Heather with Arden: Here are some of my favorites:

LOVE the way the wind blew Heather’s veil in this one:

Heather said she liked the ones where she was smiling more than the ones where she wasn’t. I beg to differ:

I like this one because it’s sooo old-fashioned looking. Heather’s eyes look beautiful:

Not smiling, but GORGEOUS! Sassy!

I LOVE this one! It’s so natural and really captures Heather’s fun-loving personality. I remember her sister Holly was standing by me when I snapped it. She immediately said, “Oh, that’s going to be a good one!” Good eye, Holly!

What an honor to do this for Heather and my brother Ray! I can’t wait to get some more good shots at their wedding!

Off to The Woodlands!

November 1, 2008

My friend Lee asked me to come to The Woodlands to photograph her precious family. My husband and I met her and her husband John on a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, during the summer of 2002. We all rode together in a taxi to the super awesome resort Maroma. Lee was about six months pregnant with her daughter at the time. We immediately hit it off! I couldn’t get over how unbelievably hip Lee was, being pregnant and all. During the whole vacation (and we hung out a lot! The resort was small and incredibly intimate.), I never once heard her complain. She was positive, upbeat, and no-nonsense about being pregnant. And you would think being a nurse would make her cynical! No. Confident and poised are the words that come to mind when I think of Lee on that trip.

I was very happy to photograph my Woodlands friends, A. because they are a lot of fun, B. because I LOVE The Woodlands, and C. because Lee (and her family) is the coolest person. Ever.

Lee’s kids are just like her and John–laid back, calm, witty, spirited. I photographed them in April and couldn’t believe how easy-going they were. Turns out, they are always that carefree! It was no different this time!

I love this picture of Owen:

And Ava is such a doll. She actually liked being photographed. Shocking!

Did I mention Dad is the best orthopedic surgeon in The Woodlands?? Yep. And we cannot leave out Penny, their 12 year old Lab! Penny! Woof, woof!!