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Anthropologie Shoot

December 2, 2008

I took senior pics of beautiful Abby in Katy at the Outdoor Learning Center near Katy HS. Her mom suggested it, and I had actually noticed the place the last time I was there to take senior pics, so I was very interested in seeing what the spot looked like and using it for this shoot. Beth, Abby’s mom, asked if her neighbor could bring her super cool vintage car to the shoot to use as a prop. Heck, yeah! The car was perfect!

Abby could not have been a better model! First of all, have you EVER seen anyone more gorgeous? I know for a fact I did not look this fantastic when I was 18! And she was so incredibly easy to work with–very open to my direction, smiled, laughed, looked serious on cue. She was a photographer’s dream! Trust me, it makes my job soooo much easier. Here are some of my favorites: