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Diamond in the sky

February 9, 2010

Those we like best are never far away. This pretty young lady and her mom are perfect examples of that statement. I first met Lauren when she was about 7 years old. Her mom, DeAnna, and I were colleagues at Grady Middle School in Houston “back in the day.” I would say it was 1997-2002. Lauren was the cutest little thing–so mature for her age and observant. She was always with DeAnna, always well-behaved, always like a twinkling star tagging along behind mama who was (and still is) vibrant and gentle at the same time–the perfect teacher combination.

Fast forward 10 years, and Lauren is that same twinkling star but brighter! She’s all smiles and laughter, joking around during the session and very willing to get into whatever mess I tried to put her in (take a look at the tire photo). Lauren has already finished her senior year and will walk with her class in June. She wants to be a nurse, in my opinion, a noble profession (along with teachers, policemen, and firefighters). I can still see the little star with the bright eyes waiting patiently for her mom to finish her work or meeting. She will be a great nurse. After all, she has the same gentle soul as her mama. Congratulations, Lauren!

You gotta admire a girl who isn't afraid to get a little dirty!

This is one of my favorites. See the bright eyes?


This pose was Lauren's idea. Love it!