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Alas, another newborn I had the privilege of photographing: Leyton. I’m really liking newborn photography because it’s relaxing. No rush. The baby’s not going anywhere. I can even pose them how I want! They really are fairly cooperative compared to wild, running children (oh, but those are fun,too, just in a different way). Leyton is absolutely adorable. And he’s the third child for my friend Candice. Her first, Landon, is in my daughter’s kindergarten class. I photographed him when he was 1 year old! Truly, this is one of the things I love most about being a photographer: the relationships I’ve developed with people. I’ve kept in touch with Candice since I met her for the first time a few years ago for that family session. Her 3 year old daughter, Caroline, is a doll, and now little Leyton. . . When Candice asked me to photograph him, I was thrilled! She said, “I mean, I know you.” That really meant a lot. I want my clients to know me and feel comfortable enough to call on me when they want a something special. I really feel weird calling Candice a “client.” She’s more like a friend! Here are some sneak peeks of Leyton at 2.5 weeks old:

I think he really knew I was taking his picture!

I love this one! Is he a ham or what?

The pensive look on his face is priceless!

Another great shot of Leyton's sweet face.

Welcome, Ryder!

May 12, 2010

This beautiful newborn is my good friend Mandy’s third baby. She has two girls who are exactly the same age as my two daughters and they have all gone to school together since they were babies. Fun times! I was so excited when Mandy told me she was having another baby and especially excited when she had a BOY!!!! Ryder was born on April 26. He is so precious. I forgot how tiny newborns are! They grow so fast. . . Mandy you will be so glad to have these pictures because time is so fleeting when it comes to babies. A newborn only looks “new” for about 2-3 weeks! Here are a few pics of baby Ryder:

Ryder sleeping peacefully cupped in Mama's hands.

Look at how awake he is!

Miss Mayra

May 11, 2010

Miss Mayra, the one you talk to at school, who sings with the voice of a bird, smiles at you and your friends with a loving gleam in her eyes. The artistic one who drew your name TESS on typing paper with lavender flowers and leaves swirling around it (I kept it). The one you told me had spider bites on her hand. Yes, she did. And she has more than spider bites. She has ovarian cancer. Stage 4. In 2008, she was given 2-3 months to live. I didn’t know any of this until last Friday when I casually asked her about the spider bites. It was the first time I’ve actually talked to Mayra. Always the friendly hello, smile, nod, and thank you. Thank you for taking care of my daughter and loving her. Thank you for your sweet, gentle ways, your sparkly eyes, your birdsongs, and your magical hands that make an ordinary name look special.

I thought the hats were her style. I thought she was cool like that. I didn’t know the hats covered the effects of many months of chemo and other drugs.

Tess, when she told me I cried. Right in front of her. You were standing there by my knee caps gazing up. You didn’t understand then, but I hope one day you do. I cried because I had no idea. Not that I thought she should tell me. I cried because she gave no indication of being sick. She laughs, loves, shares her talents, floats in and out of St. Rose every day like an angel. You love her. Miss Kate says so. She says, “Tess snubs me when I try to join in on hers and Mayra’s conversations.”

Bye, Tess! She says every day you go. See you Wednesday (or Friday or Monday). She means it. Every day counts for her. And every day I thank her for being your teacher.

Your sister Arden took this one of us. I love it! I need to take one of you and Miss Mayra.