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Good times

January 27, 2011

I’ve known this family for years of seeing them at daycare, birthday parties, YMCA,  gymnastics, and other gatherings. Their kids are fantastic, a compliment to mom and dad as parents. We visit when we can, often in a rush because it’s a week day and there is always somewhere we all have to be. So, this was a nice departure from the hustle and bustle of the work week. This Saturday was beautiful. I was able to capture them as a whole family. Right away, I can tell they are very happy together. Dad was, as he always is, friendly and happy to be there. Mom is laid back, funny, and calm. Their children are not only adorable but happy, fun-loving, and content. Isn’t that the way every family should be?  Mr. J ran around like any pre-school boy would do. He gravitated to the sticks, rocks, grass, etc. Miss M and Miss A were like young models! Miss M, I’m serious. I hope to get the chance to photograph your beautiful face (those eyes are stunning!) when you are a  high school senior! Thank you, L family, for choosing me to record this day for you!