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Simply Stunning

May 8, 2009

Meet Janet. Yeah, I know, isn’t it disgusting how AMAZING she looks at 7 1/2 months pregnant? She literally has that pregnancy glow. Not only that, but she was fantastic to work with. I couldn’t believe how calm and collected she was. She climbed hills for me, sat down, stood up (these things are quite difficult when pregnant). She was also a natural model. I rarely had to pose her. She just knew what to do!

So, my sweet friend Chas (check out her website: hooked me up with beautiful Janet. She wanted some shots of her belly, but more importantly, she did this as a gift for dad Douglas’s 35th birthday. Can you imagine how excited he’s going to be to see these?? Janet has really embraced her pregnancy and wanted to capture this tiny piece of time because we moms know how soon we forget the way our bodies looked and felt when we were pregnant (and some of us would rather forget!). We so easily forget the smell of our newborn baby, the feel of him/her cradled in our arms. We forget our toddlers first words and their funny expressions. We forget their first day of kindergarten. These are memories we hold onto desperately. A photograph can remind us of where we’ve been and record the moments we never want to forget. And let me tell you, looking this good in the last trimester of pregnancy cannot be ignored! Janet, you are going to be sooo glad you did this. I know you will hold onto these forever. Congratulations!

I have to say that this one is so lovely: